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Organisations large and small are invited to become Members of the Beach of Dreams network. Members are encouraged to curate walking, environmental and arts activity in their local area in May 2025 which will be listed as part of the Beach of Dreams national festival programme.

In the lead up to the month-long festival, Members are invited to attend monthly seminars and to help design a silk pennant as part of the national artwork led by Kinetika.

Each pennant represents a Member’s selected beach or coastal location. The Resource Pack guides you through  the process of the design of silk pennants. Kinetika artists will then prepare the silk based on the design and send it out in time for the May 2025 festival.

Our members say…

“We want to increase arts skills for all, artists and participants”. 

“We want to raise awareness for as many people as possible about our environmental crisis and ways we can all help to reduce our impact on our planet.”

“We want to build new and renew connections with people who are passionate about the participatory arts”

“We would like a Good News story for Portland, Weymouth, using Chesil Beach as a place for high quality art.”

Why Get Involved?

Why get involved? 

There are so many benefits in getting involved in Beach of Dreams, for both you and your community. 

  • be part of a strong and diverse network of members, sharing skills and ideas across regions
  • explore ways to live more sustainable and connected lives
  • discover and learn more about your section of coastline 
  • improve health, happiness and wellbeing 
  • increase awareness of the climate emergency and coastal change 
  • create opportunities for local communities to explore and connect 
  • create opportunities for local communities to learn new creative skills
  • make and share climate pledges

To apply to be a member, submit this form which details who you are, which days and areas of the coastline you wish to adopt, why you want to do this, what activities you have in mind, what change you hope to make within your community that will benefit the environment.

Once accepted, you pay a registration fee of £175 + VAT (£210) for your silk pennant. Deadlines for application 1st Oct 2024.

Your silk in the national artwork

Members are invited to join the national artwork created by Kinetika and make one or more silk pennants to add to the growing artwork, of which 620 pennants have been created so far. If you’re not yet a member, you can join here.

In summer and autumn 2024, members are invited to create their own silk pennant (download our resource pack for step-by-step details).

In the lead up to May 2025, the silk pennant you have designed is presented back to you to display locally at creative activities, walks or events you have organised. We will promote your events across our marketing channels to help encourage wider audiences.

We hope all pennants created as part of Beach of Dreams 2025 will continue to tour UK festivals until Sept 2026, when each individual pennant will be returned to each organisation for you to keep.

Become a Champion

Champions are national and regional organisations that can support Beach of Dreams in 2025 by connecting up local organisations, groups and communities, and where possible, enabling them to become members so they can organise creative outdoor coastal activities and design their own silk pennants representing their stretch of coast. Some Champions are already funding groups of local communities to support the cost of their membership.  

Champions are invited to:

  • share opportunities and make connections between organisations, groups and communities.  
  • champion Beach of Dreams
  • speak at Beach of Dreams events, seminars and gatherings 
  • make a climate pledge 
  • fund community groups to become paid members and to create and deliver an outdoor coastal activity for their community
  • sign up to our newsletter 
  • contribute stories or updates to our newsletter 
  • share information about our projects 

To find out more about becoming a champion, email Saira at

Together we can imagine possible futures and work collectively towards positive change. 

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