Beach of Dreams – Arnside

8 January 2024

In 2024, we will be holding monthly national online seminars for all those who are part of the Beach of Dreams network.

Join us on 8 January 2024 for our first session.

Each month we will be inviting a guest speaker to share learning, inspire ideas and provoke conversations on the Beach of Dreams themes around creativity, climate action and social change. We will also feature a network member to present their vision of Beach of Dreams on their coastline.

For the first seminar, we will hear a short clip from Michelle Cooper from Morecambe Bay Partnership on the impact of Bay Lines – Beach of Dreams, followed by a short presentation from ROSA Productions’ Rosemary Richards who curated the digital stories of 120 local Morecambe Bay participants. Our featured partner for this date will be MSL Projects from Hastings who already have a clear vision for their events in 2025, which will run from Dungeness to Bulverhythe.

To join us on this date, please become a member of the Beach of Dreams network, links will be sent out directly to members.

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