MONDAY 8 JULY 2024: MEMBER SEMINAR, 11 – 12:30pm

Throughout 2024, we are holding monthly national online seminars for all those who are part of the Beach of Dreams network.

The July seminar will focus on Kinetika’s ‘natural dye experiment’ that began in 2021 and has developed into the evolving national artwork that defines Beach of Dreams — the silk installation of hundreds of naturally dyed pennants, each telling a personal story of our relationship to coast and sea.

Artistic Director Ali Pretty will talk about the collaboration with British Bangladeshi textile artist and fashion designer Ray Rahman, to create additional artworks from naturally dyed silk, working with sewing groups along the Thames Estuary.

We will also be joined by fashion activist, writer and entrepreneur Carry Somers, who will reveal the environmental impact our clothing and textiles, as discussing some pathways for the future of textiles, from ancient wisdom to new technologies.